10 Digital Marketing tips for the Self Employed / Freelancers during the Covd-19 Crisis

We are facing unpredictable and scary times, not only socially but economically. However, with challenges comes opportunities. More businesses are going online to offer their services and digital marketing is more important than ever. Here are some cost-effective and easy tips for improving your digital marketing during this time:

Consider how you can adapt to the new online landscape:

It is no surprise that businesses are adapting to current social distancing by moving their services online. Yoga studios, singing lessons, fitness classes - are all moving to live stream. Consider how you can be creative in offering your services online instead. It may be that you need to adapt what you currently offer, but can offer a new alternative. If you are selling a product, luckily you should still be able to sell online. Consider if your service or product can particularly help people during this crisis. For example, if you sell art products, your products are now in demand more than ever, as people find themselves indoors looking for new things to do.

Social Media is your best friend - Keep posting:

Now is the time to really utilise social media. Not only is social media a free way to promote your business, it is also the most accessible way to reach people at this time. We are in a situation where people have been asked to stay at home, and people are using social media as both a distraction and a tool to keep up with this rapidly evolving global situation we have found ourselves in. Now is the time to both remind your customers you exist, and also keep your customers entertained. Of course, this does depend on the nature of your business, but social media marketing is so broad these days that the chances are there is always going to be something you can post about. Try and post at least once a day if you can, more than once is even better.

Consider what social media channels are going to work for you:

The main social media channels for social media marketing are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. Facebook is best for community and interactions, Instagram is for visual marketing and visually appealing products, Twitter is about written content and brand personality. LinkedIn is more for business to business marketing, and reaching new clients (depending on your business model). Consider whether you could branch on to new social media channels. There are lots of YouTube videos that can help you asses which social media channel is best for you.

Can you help the community?

We are in a current situation which is extremely unprecedented and daunting for lots of people. Does your business offer anyone any kind of relief at all? For example, if you are a yoga teacher, can you offer people a free online yoga class to destress during this time? This doesn’t mean you have to offer your services for free from now onwards, but offering people some activities/ services/ products for free (or a reduced price) is not only helping those around you, but also opening yourself to a wider customer base. It is very probable that you can pick up new customers on the way, as well as doing your bit to help out.

Update your website:

Now is the time to make sure your website is up to date. When updating your website, consider what you are hoping to achieve with your website. Are you trying to attract a particular customer demographic? If so, then keep this in mind when updating the content of your website. Is this content that they would be interested in? Always keep your target audience in mind, and try and see your site through their eyes. Is the language you use what your audience want to hear? Is your website attractive enough? Now is the time to think about all of this.

Write blog posts:

Content marketing not only helps your Search Engine Optimisation, but also makes good content for your social media channels and can reach new audiences. Think of what your customer base may be interested in reading about. You can also relate it to the current goal climate, for example if you are a therapist, you could write about how to manage your stress whilst staying at home during the pandemic. Get inventive with your ideas and give blog writing a go. Blogs don’t have to be long, in fact, the more concise the better.

Consider a digital marketing budget:

Are you willing to spend a bit of money to reach new potential customers? If so, you could consider social media paid for advertising? Facebook and Instagram advertising allows you to target specific customer bases who posses certain traits, for example stay at home mums, who like flower arranging and live in a 3km radius of you (if you wanted to!). There are YouTube videos on how to set this up. You can spend as much as little or as much as you like for adverts. The more you are willing to spend, the better the results can be. You can test it for £40 over the period of a month and see the results.

Can you utilise video content?

Video content is the most effective form of content in terms of engagement. Is it possible you can create videos for social media? This could be video of how to use your product, or tips for improving your yoga, or meditation. Again, videos don’t have to be super polished or high quality (although if you have the time and skills, this can be beneficial and effective), getting good quality content out there can be more important than the production value.


Now is the time for local businesses and freelancers to pull together to help each other out. Ask your friends and family to Share and Like your business posts on social media, and return the favour. It is also a good idea to get talking to other freelancers/ business owners on Facebook groups and to promote each others businesses online.

Ask your customers to leave you online reviews - for a discount:

Now is the time to really improve your overall online presence, and part of this is Google, Facebook and Amazon reviews. You can offer a small discount as a favour for reviews, it doesn’t have to be massive (10% is still attractive to your regular customers). Not only will this improve your online representation, but can increase purchases during this time and encourage old customers to purchase again.

If you would like more advice, I am giving FREE digital marketing advice to small business and freelancers during this time. Please feel free to email me: You can also message me on Facebook: Lara Tetlow